If you've got questions, chances are we've got the answers.  Welcome to our FAQ.

Q- How much does a tattoo at Pirate's Alley Studio cost?
A- Our minimum tattoo charge $80.
This rate applies to small tattoos that can be done in a short period of time.
Our regular hourly rate is $100/hour.
A $80 deposit is required to book an appointment, or to have a drawing done for you.  This deposit
will be credited back to you when it comes time to get your tattoo done.  Deposits are not
refundable.  They are however transferable provided a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.

Q- Do I need to be 18 to get a tattoo?  
A- Technically by law you do not need to be 18 to get a tattoo in Alberta.  Our shop does however
follow the Alberta Heath Standards for tattooing, in these standards it  recommends only tattooing
individuals 18 years of age and older.  That being said, we only tattoo individuals 18 and over.  NO

Q- Do I need to book an appointment to get a tattoo?  
A- Although it is recommended, we do also take walk-ins when time permits.  Best thing to do is call
ahead if you plan on walking in (403) 556 1599.

Q- Can I book my appointment by phone or email?  
A- We require a $80 dollar deposit to book an appointment, so you do need to come into the shop.  
We are however going to get set up to take deposits online in the near future.

Q- Does it hurt?
A- Everyone's definition of “hurt” is different because everyone feels pain differently.  Unfortunately,
there is no real gauge of pain that we can give you . Some people say that it feels like a cat scratch
and afterwards it feels like a sun burn. Different parts of your body will be more sensitive than
others, usually bony parts or areas with thin skin.

Q- I need a tattoo touched-up but it was not done at your shop.
A- No problem, but we require that you come in a for a consultation first! At your consultation the
artist will take a look at your tattoo and get you booked with a touch-up appointment.

Q- Do you do free touch-ups on tattoos that were done at Pirate's Alley?
A- Yes we do!  One set of free touch ups are available for up to 60 days after you get your tattoo.
After the 60 day period touch up appointments will be treated as regular tattoo time, and subject to
regular rates.

Q- I got a tattoo done at another shop, and I'm really not happy with it, can you guys fix it?
A- No problem, but we require that you come in a for a consultation first! At your consultation the
artist will take a look at your tattoo and discuss options to make it better.  In some cases there will be
nothing we can do to help.  Nobody should be forced to walk around with a bad tattoo.

Q- Are you currently looking for an apprentice?  
A- No

Q. Do you guys do tattoos with ultraviolet/blacklight or “glow in the dark” ink?
A. No, none of our artists use the ultraviolet/blacklight pigments because their safety has not been
determined.  We will not jeopardize your safety.

Q. Is it customary to tip my artist?
A. Tips are not expected but always appreciated!